Publishing My First Book!

Figuring It Out As I Go Along


I’ve been neglecting my yoga practice lately… in a way. This is because I’ve been working on accomplishing a lifelong goal: publishing my first book.

Although I’ve long told myself I’d “do it someday”, I never got around to it until about four years ago, when I really began writing in earnest.

To write a complete book requires a level of self-discipline that is quite extraordinary.

Perhaps you’ve even heard the weeping and moaning of various writers over just how much of a feat it really is.

Somehow, I’ve managed to squeeze out a book, and my second book is about to be released soon.

One is the Big Book I’ve worked on for years; the other was a quickie that I pounded out in a need to express what was happening to my family.

I figured, maybe self-publishing is like making crêpes. The first attempt is often a throwaway… I wanted to practice at least once before releasing the Big One (title hasn’t been officially revealed yet).

A Tick-Tock Ya Don’t Stop… to the… Tick Tock Ya Don’t Stop…


Some of the work involved: creating this here website, integrating a landing page with MailChimp, and of course, writing, formatting and publishing that first eBook. Designing a cover. Then, designing a better cover.

Do you prefer one cover over the other?

Nothing Worth Doing is Easy

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

It’s taken a whole lot of work to get this book thing done.

Weekends have flown by in flurries of focused effort.

It’s truly hard to express how much time and energy I’ve poured into these writing projects.

I can’t help but wonder, will it prove worth it?

Would I be happier and more easygoing today if I hadn’t chosen to devote all of my (precious little) free time in the past couple of years to Accomplishing This Big Life Goal?

Of course, now that I’ve finally got one down, I guess I’ll have to take a little celebratory break from book creation.

A week?

A month?

The thing is, Book #2 is sitting at about 90% completion so I really can’t rest on my laurels for long… at least not until the second one is done and published too.

Seems this writing thing can turn into a rather addictive endeavor.

How ‘Bout a Read and a Holla?*


If you have read this far, consider downloading the eBook!

If you are inclined to leave nice, glowing reviews for newbie authors you want to help out, you must have serious points accumulating on your Karmic Rewards Card!

BTW, the ebook includes a link to a free guided meditation from my forthcoming book.

Writing and Meditation Go Together


I beat myself up a bit too much.

In truth, my yoga practice hasn’t been totally neglected.

For people like me, writing and creating all fall under the yogic umbrella.

They are all part of manifesting spiritually-aligned abundance and letting the light in my heart shine its brightest (and helping others to do the same).

Meditation has been fundamental throughout.

It’s sustained me, even when this work gets difficult.

Sure, I’ve toiled away for days on end, isolated in my literal and figurative writing zone.

I’ve ached and longed for social interaction; felt that the world was passing me by.

This is  a common phenomenon, experienced by creators of all stripes.

Being a yoga teacher in Las Vegas, it sometimes feels that all of my students are constantly out doing the most amazing things in the city and its surrounding natural areas.

For the most part, I’ve been too busy to join them.

Fortunately, meditation keeps me centered, grounded, accepting of What Is.

Meditation is probably the most important aspect of my yoga practice.

Yoga began thousands of years ago with ancient yogis sitting in meditation.

The physical postures evolved out of that initial inner exploration.

The Creative Process is Kind of Like Yin Yoga


Writing books reminds me of Yin yoga.

We must sustain a singular way of being, one intention, for what feels like a crazy-long time.

In doing so we learn about ourselves.

We develop incredible patience and steadfastness.

We hone our own unique path into flexibility and endurance.

Tonight, I’m going to teach vinyasa flow yoga.

One way I’ll celebrate the completion of Book #1: reveling in mindful movement on the mat.

Wishing you the best!

Please, do yourself a favor and stay consistent with your yoga and meditation practices.

Doing so may spark you to do the thing you’ve been telling yourself you’d do your whole life.

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Lumina Loveday is a yoga teacher, meditator, wife, and mom to three humans and two rescue dogs. At the age of ten, Lumina was given her first typewriter as a gift from her grandparents. It was a big, clunky Underwood. To write her first “books”, she had to press the keys really hard, but she didn’t mind. Perhaps Lumina’s grandparents, who were avid readers back in the 20th century, had a hunch about her writerly tendencies. Lumina lives with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lumina’s new book, Breaking the Caregiver’s Curse: Rediscovering Joy in Life’s Most Challenging Season, is available on Amazon. The book is free to read for those who have Kindle Unlimited.

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