About HeartSun Yoga: Examining the Many Benefits of Private Yoga

Why is yoga an ideal form of self-care? As women, we are constantly told we’re not enough. Lisa does not teach yoga to make her students better fit into a mold. The beauty of yoga, as Lisa sees it, is its power to help us get in touch with our deepest inner truth.

A woman practicing Triangle Pose in the ocean waves. Increased joy is one of the many benefits of private yoga.

Yoga for Optimal Self-Care

With the fast pace of modern-day life, many women lead hectic, work-focused lives. Many are realizing that we need yoga to help us shift gears and refocus our priorities on what is really most important.

Yoga is a wonderful self-care practice that helps us find peace, clarity, and improved overall health.

It can be difficult to maintain a yoga practice. Even if one joins a yoga studio, one may find that they do not make it to the classes as often as intended.

Let Lisa help you stay consistent. She will work with you over time to help you become a happier, healthier, more yogic you.

Improved energy, better digestion, brighter mental states, simply feeling better on a day-to-day basis… these are the signs that your yoga practice is working.

Looking for a Private Yoga Instructor in Las Vegas?

Because Lisa shows up to your home at a regularly scheduled time, you will stick with your program.

Lisa will work with you to customize your yoga sessions. She will listen to you and help you meet your unique goals. She will ask you about your health issues and injuries.

You are enough! 

Lisa has no interest in trying to shrink anyone’s body to be a certain size or to make her students look like models in magazines. 

Lisa believes in yoga that supports women as they are; yoga that helps us feel empowered and confident in a real, non-airbrushed way.


Lisa Loveday is very dedicated to her yoga students. She teaches with fervor and quality of hatha yoga in an organic manner which is easy for all levels to do and benefit from. She's caring and knowledgeable in her teaching.
Lisette Z.

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