About HeartSun Yoga

Hi, my name is Lisa. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and fatigue since middle school. Yoga has helped me to find happiness in spite of all of these challenges. Although it is not a “cure”, yoga always helps me feel a LOT better!

My husband got very sick around 3 years ago. My dear husband was trying so hard to provide for his family and get his business established. He was stressed, working too much, not eating right… not taking good care of himself. He had symptoms for quite a while before being officially diagnosed with cancer.

After multiple surgeries and rounds of chemo, we are pleased to report that he is still here! He continues his healing journey.

As my husband has fought hard to recover from his major surgeries and the challenges of chemotherapy, I have found myself in the role of spousal caregiver. My husband’s extended illness has taught me the importance of self-care for caregivers.

A woman practicing the yoga Triangle pose on the ocean shore.

Why is yoga an ideal form of self-care? As women, we are constantly told we’re not enough. I don’t want to make my students fit into a mold. The beauty of yoga is how it gets us in touch with our deepest selves.

Yoga for Optimal Self-Care

With the fast pace of the modern-day world, many women lead hectic lives. Yoga can help us shift gears and refocus our priorities on what is really most important.

Improved energy, better digestion, brighter mental states, simply feeling better on a day-to-day basis… these are the signs that your yoga practice is working.

You are enough! I believe in simple yoga that supports women as we are.

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*Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, HeartSun Yoga is not currently accepting new private yoga clients.

I have zero interest in trying to shrink anyone’s body to be a particular size. I want to teach yoga that helps women feel empowered and confident in an easygoing, self-accepting way.



Lisa Loveday is very dedicated to her yoga students. She teaches with fervor and quality of hatha yoga in an organic manner which is easy for all levels to do and benefit from. She's caring and knowledgeable in her teaching.
Lisette Z.