About HeartSun Yoga

How did the name HeartSun Yoga come about, you may wonder? 

As a little girl, Lumina used to represent her last name, Loveday, with a little picture of a heart and a sun. 

Today, as a (sort of) grown-up and Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, she still believes that we all have a sun within our hearts and that yoga helps our true inner light to shine its brightest.

Yoga for Optimal Self-Care

With the fast pace of modern-day life, many individuals lead hectic, work-intensive lifestyles. More and more people are starting to realize that we need yoga to help us shift gears, slow down, and refocus our priorities on what is truly important.

Guiding others in yoga is Lisa’s favorite way to help people to find peace, clarity, and holistic good health. 

Looking for a Private Yoga Instructor in Las Vegas?

Let Lisa help you to stay consistent in your important self-care practices. She’ll keep you accountable and customize your private yoga program to meet your unique needs.