Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Would in-home private yoga sessions benefit me?

    If you are considering it, private yoga would probably be an excellent addition to your life!

    Private yoga can benefit anyone interested in improving their general fitness, health, and well-being.

    Lisa is a certified yoga teacher specializing in working with individuals one-on-one.

    If you are seeking a dedicated private yoga teacher in Las Vegas, look no further.

    It is Lisa's goal to help you stay strongly connected to your beautiful yoga practice.

    Yoga aligns those who practice with their highest potential for clarity and good health.

    Lisa will encourage you to stay consistent in your yoga practice.

    Lisa loves helping others discover the benefits of yoga!

  • What is your typical process for working with a new client?

    It's about you, first and foremost!

    I want to know who you are, what you're into, and why you are interested in private yoga!

    It's great to connect on a quick phone call so you can tell me all about yourself.

    When we have our sessions, I will ask what is going on with your body.

    I want to help you move toward peace and wellness.

    While strength and flexibility can be great results of a yoga practice, many people love yoga (and stick with it for life!) because of its psychological, spiritual, and emotional healing benefits.

    It is my purpose to be of service to you by integrating yoga as part of your abundantly beautiful yogic lifestyle!

  • Is it OK if I'm not flexible / not that strong / out of shape / a beginner?


    We can customize a super easy routine so you can begin with fun, easy sessions. You will hardly notice as you steadily get stronger and more fit!

  • What is the price of private yoga with HeartSun Yoga?

    The price for individual private yoga instruction is $99 per hour.
    If we happen to go slightly past the one hour time slot by a few minutes, of course, the price remains the same.

    HeartSun Yoga offers up to 10% discounts for multi-class packages. Email for details about multi-class package discounts.

    Corporate rates (i.e., yoga in a business setting, for purposes of improving focus, reducing company-wide stress, improving morale, and assisting hardworking professionals in maintaining physical health and fitness) are $150 per hour.

    Mini-retreats at client-requested locations (i.e. team building, employee group yoga outings, outdoor celebrations, etc.) are $300 for 5 participants and fewer. This includes travel time to the mini-retreat location and setup for group yoga activity as well as small yogic gift/ memento for each group participant. For larger retreat groups, email

    Groups: Email for group pricing inquiries.

  • Which styles of yoga do you teach?

    Lisa teaches the following styles of yoga:

    - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    - Yin Yoga
    - Beginner / Intro to Yoga
    - Kids' Yoga

    Lisa also teaches the following styles of meditation:
    -Mindfulness Meditation
    -Guided Meditation

    Each of Lisa's classes includes a few minutes of easy centering meditation.

    Everyone's needs and issues are unique.

    Let's customize your private yoga program to start helping you feel better.