Why Choose Private Yoga Lessons?

For many reasons, more people are choosing one-on-one yoga with a personal instructor.

For introverts, empaths, and those with PTSD, groups of people can induce social anxiety. I fully understand and will bring the peaceful practice of yoga to you.

Some beginners want to be comfortable with the poses before beginning studio classes. Private yoga can help you reach that goal.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a private yoga teacher in Las Vegas, if you are serious about starting personal yoga sessions, I am here to support you.


She is very easy to understand and follow (I'm a beginner.)
She explains every step and keeps it interesting.
Wendy L.
Yoga Program Director at Community Center

Feel At Home
in Your Yoga Practice

Yoga studios can be wonderful—they encourage many to lead healthier lives. Still, it is not always possible for all personality types to feel at home in a yoga studio.

That’s OK!

One place where you will always feel at home is… at home.

Would you prefer to have your yoga instructor come to you?


Would you like to have regular, in-home, private yoga sessions with a caring yoga teacher who specializes in working with individuals?

Would you like to have ongoing one-on-one lessons with a Las Vegas private yoga teacher who understands YOU?

Great, let’s talk!

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