Procrastination is Not the Enemy

Smiling woman holding paintbrush

Procrastination is not the enemy. It is a messenger from our higher selves that shows up to tell us something.
Many of us find ourselves mysteriously unable to stop procrastinating. Sometimes this goes on for months, or even years. It can go on for so long that the project, once meaningful and important, is totally abandoned.

So… what is the real cause of procrastination?

Purity and Divinity – Meaning Found in Teaching Yoga to Cognitively Disabled Youth

A yoga teacher sits in Sukhasana or Easy Seated Posture with a straight spine. She is surrounded by young students lying back in Savasana, a relaxing supine yogic meditation pose.

“Are you ready for some yoga?” I ask, trying to sound
confident and chipper.

These kids can be a tough crowd.

She nods. “But I don’t want to do the Dog, because I’m a
person, not a dog.”